Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons

The original roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, turns 50 years old in 2024. This is the official newsletter for 50 Years in the Dungeon—a livestream podcast created to celebrate the golden anniversary of the world’s first and still most popular tabletop RPG.

Hosted by Stan! Brown, award-winning cartoonist and game designer, who worked on staff at both TSR (the company that created D&D) and Wizards of the Coast (the company that publishes it now) as a game designer, editor, and creative director, 50 Years in the Dungeon is a unique combination of interview show and live art event. Each week, Stan! hosts top names from the world of tabletop gaming for conversations about the history of D&D and their connections to the game. At the same time, you can watch as he creates a cartoon homage to a classic piece of D&D art.

This free newsletter is the place to stay informed about upcoming shows, see the finished cartoon homage artwork before it is shown to the public, get the option to purchase exclusive signed prints of the cartoon homages, submit questions for guests, and vote to help influence what topics and classic products will be discussed. Plus, each month one subscriber will receive a signed exclusive art print of one of the homages created on the show.

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If you upgrade to a paid subscription, your questions for the guests will be prioritized, you will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of the exclusive signed art prints, and you’ll be invited to participate in a polls to help determine what the topics and who the guests will be for upcoming shows. In addition, you’ll have the option to purchase exclusive signed art prints of any of the homages created on the show (not available for sale anywhere else).

And if you increase your pledge to the Art Lovers level, you will receive one exclusive signed art print of your choice each month for no additional charge, and receive a 50% discount on the purchase of additional signed art prints.

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50 Years in the Dungeon is a unique celebration of the game and the gaming community that has changed popular culture around the world. Join in that celebration and be part of a great community of players, DMs, and most of all fans. Participate in the comments section, or support this work with a free subscription.

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This is the official substack for "50 Years in the Dungeon: A Cartoon Celebration of a Half Century of D&D" a livestream show hosted by Stan!—award-winning cartoonist and former staff member of the D&D Team at TSR Inc. and Wizards of the Coast.


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